The Strobe Light Solution

How would you like to rid your house of rats and mice forever? Laboratory experiments have proven that strobe lights disrupt the rhythm in the brain of rats and mice. If a rat or mouse is exposed to a strobe light, the circadian rhythm in their brain crashes and they are unable to function normally. Don’t pay for monthly pest control companies who NEVER solve your problems. Pest control companies place traps that may catch one rat but WILL NOT keep them out. They will keep coming back for sure. From personal experience I can tell you that traps do not work. For three years, rats and mice infested my house and I always had at least five or six traps going at all times.

It’s important to know that studies have proven that once a rat sees a trap with a dead rodent caught inside, it will stay away from the trap, thus negating everything your pest control company is trying to accomplish. In short, rat traps are a losing proposition.

Instead, place a strobe light in your basement, attic, or garage. Rats and mice will stay away for good! Once you plug in the strobe, the rats will leave and NEVER return. Ever! You can buy a sophisticated strobe light system for as much as $500. Don’t bother! I bought my strobe lights (brand new) at a costume store for less than $30 a piece.

I have one strobe light in the garage, two in the attic, and two in the basement. We had a severe rat problem for 3 years and the problem was getting worse. And I was paying $95 per month for the pest control service to clean the rat dung, remove old traps, and set new traps! All the while, the rats continued to invade my basement, attic and walls and caused havoc.

Since I plugged in the strobe lights, the rats and mice are gone! And the great thing is that the strobe lights come with a cord and plug so all you have to do is plug the cord into the wall outlet, extension, or surge protector. No need for expensive installation or new electrical wiring of your house. Just plug it in like a lamp.

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If you want to know how to get rid of rats and mice in your house, do it the most effective and economical way possible. Use a simple strobe light. No more messy traps, no more messy dead rats, no more messy rat droppings, and most importantly, no more rats and mice in your house! So do yourself a huge favor and get rid of those rats and mice with strobe lights! Click the images below for purchase details.

Mega Strobe Light – $21.97

Retail Price: $31.97
You Save: $10.00
from: Costume Discounters